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Personalized Investment Management

We invest from your personal financial plan.

Personalized investment management done by certified financial planners and our professional team.

Our primary mission is to help you build a heritage for generations to come. We invest in you. 

To do this, we start with financial planning. Our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ will help you create a personalized and comprehensive plan that factors in every area of your financial life, including your taxes, retirement objectives, charitable giving, projected income and expenses, and more.

Then we invest from your plan—and this is what separates us from many financial advisors. 

Why We Invest from Your Financial Plan 

Why is it important to invest from your personal financial plan? Only when you understand your personal risk tolerance and your bottom-line return needsnet of taxes and inflation and including incomecan you know what mix of investments you need in your portfolio. 

Without a plan, you are likely to be more emotionally affected with every volatile jot of the market. You’re also likely to carry the wrong amount of risk because you don’t have a clear understanding of the overall return you really need to pursue your long-term goals.  

Our Custodian: SEI 

Our primary custodian, SEI, is a well-respected global investment services firm with more than $300 billion in assets under management and a total of $1 trillion in assets under advisement.   

We choose to work with SEI for several reasons: 

  1. Active management: SEI manages its funds actively—not passively—through a team of Certified Financial Analysts (CFAs). Our own Chief Investment Officer, Kelly Crane, is also a CFA. CFAs are highly skilled in quantitative methodologies for analyzing investments, and the CFA charter is one of the most respected designations in finance, widely considered to be the gold standard in investment analysis.
  1. SEI Private Trust Company: With SEI, your funds are held in trust in a private trust company called SEI PTC, a subsidiary of SEI. SEI PTC may not pledge, hypothecate, or margin any assets it holds in custody. In short, they cannot use client funds for any separate purpose. 
  1. Top-tier fund managers: SEI was among the first companies to offer the manager-of-managers concept. This allows you access to leading specialist money managers, many of them the best in their respective areas of expertise. You can’t access many of these fund managers directly without large investment dollars, and you can’t buy a mutual fund with those managers on your own. 
  1. Trusts: SEI offers trust services for those clients with trusts. They have a long track record of serving not only individual investors but also trusts, institutional investors, and the trust departments of more than half of the largest U.S. banks by asset. 
  1. Innovation: SEI has a long history of innovation within the financial services industry.

Our Partnership with SEI 

How does our work with SEI affect you? SEI offers a vast number of customizable solutions, resources, and top-tier fund managers—but all that needs to be technically analyzed to ensure your portfolio allocation is the right mix for you according to your personal financial plan and investment policy statement.  

Led by Chief Investment Officer Kelly Crane, CFP®, CLU, CFA, MBA, our Heritage Capital team hand picks your asset allocation to ensure the solutions, account type, and fund strategies all line up with the risk and return objectives identified in your financial plan.  

It’s the best of the best combination for you—a local CFA advisor partnering with some of the world’s best fund managers.  

Personalized. Holistic.

Together, .