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Multiply Your Charitable Giving

If you regularly donate to charity, there is a myriad of ways to give that can help maximize your donation and your deduction. Giving efficiently is especially important as tax laws change.  

Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals can help you determine the most efficient giving strategy, one that will impact the charity the most while optimizing your deduction value. Whether it’s a one-time legacy gift or your annual support, here are a few ideas of ways we can help.  

How We Can Help You Give Wisely 

  1. Give Appreciated Assets: In a high market, giving stocks, bonds, or art instead of cash can be a win-win.  
  2. Establish Your Donor Advised Fund: Get the deduction this year with freedom to give away over time.  
  3. Bunch Your Donations: Maximize your annual deduction in light of the current tax laws. 
  4. Create a Charitable Trust: Establish a legacy gift that could generate income for you now. 
  5. Gift Life Insurance: If a charitable gift is structured properly (i.e., Charitable Remainder Trust or gift annuity), it can provide income that you can use to purchase a life insurance policy, which would pass to your beneficiaries, effectively replacing the charitable gift. 

Let our client services team assist you with your charitable giving

Feel welcome to contact our Client Services Coordinator, Elspeth S. Campbell, by email  or by phone (510) 235-1046 ext. 110.

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