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Plan Your Estate Transfer

What does a successful estate plan look like? To us, it’s leaving a legacy that is hassle free for your heirs, is tax efficient, and maximizes the inheritance and gifts you would like to leave behind, dispersed as you desire and legally protected.  

We can see the effects of poor estate planning in the headlines when a famous person passes away. Failure to create a coordinated estate plan often creates substantial delays and thousands of unnecessary dollars in probate costs or taxes. As estate tax laws change, having an outdated plan can be costly. 

Our Estate Planning Strategy

Our planning team will work with you and your tax and legal advisors to help ensure: 

  1. The total value of your estate is maximized. 
  2. Your assets are protected. 
  3. Your wealth is managed and transferred to your heirs as you intend. 
  4. Estate and income taxes are minimized for your heirs. 
  5. The inheritance is protected from loss, controlling when and how your heirs receive it, and shielded from divorce, creditors, and lawsuits. 
  6. Your plan is always up to date. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your estate plans or review an existing plan should you already have one. Feel welcome to request a complimentary consultation or contact our client services team for immediate assistance.

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