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Client Resources

Resources for our Heritage Capital clients. Don’t see what you need? Feel welcome to contact our client services team: 
(510) 235-1046  

Your SEI Accounts 

For easy access to your brokerage accounts, simply log in here: SEI LOGIN. 
Need assistance logging in? Simply give us a call at (510) 235-1046. Our client services team will be glad to assist you.

Access Your SEI Investment Portfolio


Our Document Portal

Welcome to the Heritage Client Portal. Instead of emailing sensitive documents, we’ll use this secure portal to receive documents from you and send documents to you.  Here’s how:

To Receive Files from Us 

You’ll receive an email from the Heritage team whenever a new file is available for you to download from your portal.   

  1. Access the file by clicking the link in the email and providing your PIN (also provided in the same email). This PIN will only work when the file is accessed through the link in the email. If you are not receiving emails from Heritage, please call our office at (510) 235-1046.   

To Send Files to Us 

  1. The link below will take you to Heritage’s secure portal page.


  2. To upload files, click the Upload button on the right.  
  3. On the next page, input your name, your email address, the recipient, and a quick note to the Heritage team about the file(s).   
  4. Select the file(s) you would like to share with the Heritage team from your computer. 
  5. Click the green Upload button, and the files will automatically be shared with the Heritage team.

For any assistance, email our Client Services Coordinators, Naz Nasseri or Elspeth S. Campbell . 

Download Our Annual Document Updates

There are a few documents we provide annually to all clients, including our privacy policy and ADV, Part II. You can download the latest throughout the year.


Schedule Your Next Meeting

Online meeting scheduling coming soon. Until then, feel welcome to contact our client services team for immediate assistance. 

Let our client services team handle any of your wealth management questionsNaz  Nasseri 
Client Services Coordinator & Office Manager   
(510) 235-1046 Ext. 100  or

Schedule a Consultation